Friday, June 23, 1944

[pages above are slightly out of order; the large middle page should appear between these two bottom pages]

Dearest Gee.

I wrote you yesterday before we had our mail call so I didn’t get to answer your questions then. Got your June 12 airmail, one from Mom, and one from Hilah. Your letter had the article in it on General Frederick’s and his Force taking Rome first. I took it down to the Orderly tent and they posted it on the bulletin board and finally it was sent to headquarters to be mimeographed so copies could be sent around to the different companies. So you can see the piece caused quite a stir and I was sure glad you sent it. That must have been the piece Douglass’s wife wrote him about.

Yes, I had quite a time with my eye but after I quit using all the crap the medics gave me for it, it got well right away. They do take good care of you tho once they get their claws in you.

Just went down and sweat out mail call but we didn’t have anything but a few loose packages and some newspapers. I won a package of funnies from Sis. We have a day room of a sort now and all newspapers and stuff are left in there for the other G.I.s to read so I got all my funny books in there I’ve been getting.

I picked up the little vase you’re getting and tapestry after we hit Artena. That was really a hot spot for awhile. Before taking the town we sat up on top of the mountain (Artena is in the mountains) and watched a tank battle and infantry attacking down in the valley. It was really a sight. We went along as litter bearers and aid men. They of [course] go right along with the troops into battle and suffer the same dangers only we don’t have any guns to fight back with. There were a few times I felt like picking one up and using it tho. That’s really a rugged job. Well, anyway, we went in to Artena and had an aid station set up before the Jerry’s had moved out of town. The next morning they started shelling hell out of the town and hit the building we were in, so we moved. They really played hell with that town. One time I was out in a field while a tank battle and infantry attacks were going on all around. That kind of stuff makes a guy learn a lot of new prayers.

Well, the first mail call we had tonight was a dry run, the real one came off later and I got your swell airmail of June 9, one from Mom and your v-mail of the same date – no it’s dated the eighth. Also three more packages of funnies.

Honey, I’ll have to see how much I can tell you about Wally Saathoff. I thought you told me General Frederick wrote them such a nice letter and told them all about it? Or do they just want more particulars? I know how it all happened and wasn’t far away at the time. I believe it was his camera we used to take all those pictures. In fact, I’m almost sure it was. I remember when he bought the roll of color film because they cost so much. I do know he got the best of care right away. I couldn’t leave at the time to see about him but kept asking and we all thought he would be all right. Will try and find out more and let you know later.

I am enclosing a couple propaganda leaflets the Jerrys show over when we were on the beachhead. They load them up in shells and when the shells bust the leaflets fly all over. There is a series of them about six pictures but I only have these two. Glad you got the dough from Chick.

I hope you can still find film now. I’ve taken one roll finally. Am anxious to see how they turned out. These guys don’t develop like anyone else.
I spent five days at a swell rest camp in Rome. I’d like to have spent the duration there. Guy could do most everything he wanted to there and it was all free.

Well, kid, guess this is it. Sure do miss your loving. When are we going to get back at it again? Sure love you.

So long now,


P.S. Sell the piano!!

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