Friday, March 23, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Didn’t get any mail from you today. I got a v-mail from Coe tho so I wasn’t entirely left out. I hope I hear from you tomorrow tho.

I’m sending you and Mom one of these souvenir handkerchiefs. Thought maybe you’d like to add it to the collection. They aren’t worth what I paid for it but then it never is over here. A hundred and twenty francs apiece or two forty. Kinda pretty tho. You probably will be getting tired of all this stuff, won’t you?

I’m only going to write this one page so I can send this thing in the envelope.

You asked about Douglass. He’s in Cannon Co. He just abbreviated his address is all when he wrote you. That company should be easy to figure out what it is. I haven’t seen him lately. He’s okay tho. Sure love you honey, and miss you.

So long now,


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