Tuesday, July 3, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Got five more letters today, honey, boy I sure can’t complain on that score now. I got your swell letters of June 11th and 20th, one from Mom, one five pager from Mildred C. and one v-mail from Carrie.

So me Brudder Moon is coming home, hey? Maybe by the time you get this he will be there. I’m sure glad for him, and that’s for damn sure. I’ve been expecting to hear the same news about Chick. When that news comes it will be no surprise to me as he is long overdue. Save a little of the whiskey for me, will ya, kid? That brother of mine probably won’t know how to say when. I wish we could all celebrate it together but it looks like Uncle Sammy ain’t in any particular hurry to get me home. I shouldn’t have to go to the Pacific but by that time they probably will change that order. I sure miss you, honey, and don’t get the idea I’m up here having myself a good time. It’s a boresome job as far as the most of us are concerned. I don’t go out very often (about once a week) and when I do I generally go to Oslo as this place is really dead. They at least have plenty going on in Oslo.

Tomorrow is a big day for us. We’ve been preparing for the last week with dry run parades, inspections, and one thing and another. The way it looks I’ll be in the second row. The first row consists of Platoon officers and guides. I’ve heard it’s a five mile jaunt so I suppose the usual thing will happen again — and you know what that is. They won’t let us wear our jump boots so I’m breaking in a new pair of combat boots. Wow. I keep remembering all the things we used to do on the fourth. Remember the time we went to Indiana with Jack + Hilah. Seems like yesterday. I still have that picture of you in the slacks taken there. That was back in the days when you were skinny, huh.

You, Mom, and Mildred all wrote that Erv was coming home but I read your letter firstest so you “told” me firstest. I haven’t heard from Erv. The last I heard from him he wasn’t anyways near going home.

My letter I wrote Hoffman when he went to the hospital came back today marked that he had gone to the States. Nelson got a letter from him and he is in Georgia. The luck of some people!

Lord, honey, I wish I could get you something for the anniversary and birthday. I’m going to keep on trying but it looks hopeless. You say you don’t want any telegrams. You know I love you more than anything in the world. Mor’n you love me. If I don’t see you soon I’ll go wacky!

So long honey.


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