Thursday, July 12, 1945

Dearest Gee.

I’ve been sweating out getting some mail from you the past few days. Today I really collected. I got your June 27 and 29 letters today and that exquilligant package. That was sure mighty sweet of you, honey, and I hope I can make it up to you in some way. I’ve had one Pepsi-hi already, and gave Tony one. It sure tasted wonderful after all the cognac and Eau di Vin. There just isn’t any comparison. Hope you don’t get the idea I’m getting to be a sop because I sure ain’t. We most always all get together and have a gab fest when we open up the bottles. I also got two nice letters from Mom and a package of four packs of cigarettes from her. I figure I really hit the jackpot today. I went to see our Special Service officer the other day about sending you some posies and the son of a B didn’t have any idea how it could be done. They are too busy having a good time to worry very much about anything else. It sure pissed me off and I told him so. Now he says something will be done about it but when that will be, I don’t know.
Guess you had a pretty good time on your trip to Uncle Sam’s. He can generally show a guy a pretty good time if I remember right. I hope you found them all okay. Probably helped you a lot to get away for awhile. I guess Sis is on a trip too so Mom tells me. It must be pretty rough riding on trains nowadays.

Honey, why do you let Mrs. Petit worry you so? I know all about him and if he wants to spread that malarky it’s no skin off my nose. Personally, I don’t think he ever dirtied his rifle. There’s no use in stirring up any argument with her about it. Anyway, my momma figures Erv and I won the war, your momma thinks Chick did, etc. down the line. It’s silly. The papers don’t help matters any. Dame Rumor has it that the reason the Force didn’t get the Pres. Citation was because we had too many a.w.o.l.s but that don’t sound right either. I know that was one of the last things Frederick did before he left us, was put us in for it. What became of it then, I don’t know.

We had an eclipse here day before yesterday. It was almost a total job. No one had said anything about it and things began to start looking funny. I thought maybe my eyes were going bad. It happened about four o’clock in the p.m.. Did you have one too?

I guess Erv must be having quite a time trying to get out of Italy. One satisfaction he has is that everything he is doing is for the last time. We stayed in Twenty Grand camp at Le Havre before coming here and I really know what they are going though with. Those chow lines are really something. We didn’t have a bad system as it only took us about a half or three quarters of an hour to get through the line. The first day we were two hours getting one meal!

Me and Tony went for a bike ride yesterday evening. Wound it all up by taking a dip in the Drammen river. A dip is about all it was too because the water was ice cold. It felt good tho. I sure was tired tho this morning.

I hear we finally got our other star but haven’t got the official dope on it yet. If it’s true I’ll have 86 points so you know I’m keeping the fingers crossed. Lordy, but I’m anxious to see you kid. More’n more all the time. Guess it will take some time yet tho.

My teeth are going bad on my now I’m afraid. I’ll have to go over and get them taken care of. Boy, I sure hate that! Think I’ll have them cleaned too.

Well, kid, I hope our next anniversary will be entirely different and your birthday too. You know I love you very much even after all these eight years. Sure do miss you honey.

So long now.


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