Thursday, August 23, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Got your swell Aug 12 number yesterday after I had already wrote you, and today I got your Aug 2 one. So finally Chick hit the States! I’ll bet you all were excited. It’s a wonder Joannie hadn’t passed out. I don’t think Chick has changed in looks any only he looks older, but after all he should look at least four years older. Last time I saw him was Anzio before the push off. Lord, that seems years ago. At the rate he’s bringing home boxes, I’ll have to build another addition onto the back of the house. Turn it into an armory. Sure don’t know what he wants with all that stuff.

So you want to bawl me out for making Staff, huh. Well I didn’t have anything to say about it. Anyway it doesn’t make any difference as far as allotments are concerned. If I lived in the States it probably would. As for the M-8, it’s a semi-armored recon car. It’s shaped suthin’ like a cigar with four wheels in the rear. Got two motors, a 37 mm gun, radio, and gawd knows what all. The commander is in charge of the car and crew. Chick probably knows what they are. We used them a lot in Germany in our outfit.

But right now I’m just a man without a country. None of us are doing very much. I’m sweating out this new deal coming up. I wish it would hurry up and break. The latest is still that we’ll be out of here by Oct. 15. That sounds like an awful long time off yet.

Prosise and I went to the club last night and knocked ourselves out. Gawd what a hangover I had this morning! First time it ever affected me like that and I wasn’t blotto either. Must have been something I et.

Got a quickie from Sis yesterday too. She told me about Erv too. Guess they are all pretty worked up over the deal too. I’ll bet Erv has worried off ten pounds since he’s hit the States.

What’s this about you taking medicine for a bronchial cough? You ain’t trying to get T.B. are you? You’d better start getting into shape pretty soon, kid. You take care of yourself. Are you having a good time on your “vacation”? Sure wish I were there with you. How are you and Hilah making it. Do you go over there very much? I imagine she has her hands full taking care of those kids.

Well, honey, gotta go. Sure love you and miss you kid. Hope I see you all soon.

So long now.


Snook and Chick together at Anzio. Source:

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