Report on Gee and Mildred’s Trip to Little Rock and Camp Robinson

July 2 to 7, 1942 We will take a short break from Snook’s memoir so that I can share another document related to his time in Basic Training. My background notes will precede the original text for a change in this entry, due to the length of the post. In 1942, Gee and Mildred CainContinue reading “Report on Gee and Mildred’s Trip to Little Rock and Camp Robinson”

Snook’s Army History (Introduction)

Snook titled his World War II memoir: My Army History of Service in the First Special Service Force and the 474 Infantry Regiment of the United States Army, From May 11, 1942 to October 31, 1945. Frank M. “Snook” Barber composed this memoir entirely on his loud old typewriter, completing it on April 4, 1988.Continue reading “Snook’s Army History (Introduction)”