Sunday, July 18, 1943

Dearest Gee,

I suppose by the time you get these letters our anniversary will have come and gone. Sure wish I could have bought you something for the occasion but it was, and still is, impossible. The last P.X. had nothing except the usual needs for the men. They did have a “main” P.X. there but in all my stay there I never did get inside it to see what they had. Everytime I did get down there it was closed. You know I’ll be thinking about you on that day but I’m always doing that anyway.

The unit censor made us a little speech yesterday about what we could write and what we couldn’t. Suppose some of mine was cut out. I can tell you about the trip across the country tho. We went across New York State and down to Indianapolis, Indiana. From there we came down through Paris, Ill. and Mattoon as I mentioned before. That sure killed me off to think we were only 50 minutes apart there. We went to St. Louis, Kansas City, Salt Lake City, Utah, and down through Nevada. Crossed a lot of salt wasteland. Guess you could call it a desert. Absolutely nothing grew on it. In Nevada just before we crossed into California it showered a little and the smell from the sage brush smelled just like perfume. We finally went to San Fran-

cisco. Can’t tell you anything further than that. Sure saw a lot of fruit trees of all kinds. We will sure have to take that trip sometime, kid. Kansas is a pretty state too. A good deal like Illinois.

Have you heard anymore from Ervin or Chick. Wish you would write them for me as I won’t have much more chance to write.

Tell Dad I wish him a happy birthday too. I know the wish will be way late now but can’t help that.

Guess I’ll get ready for bed now. Getting to be a seaman first class. Manage to stay in bed all night now without rolling out.

Sure love you and miss you. So long now.


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