Friday, December 31, 1943 (New Year’s Eve)

Dearest Gee. Guess this will be the last letter you’ll get from me this year. Having a hell of a time getting it written. S’pose by now you are getting ready for a big New Years part. Don’t forget to have somebody turn out the lights for you. Mrs. Ozier and Cecil are having theContinue reading “Friday, December 31, 1943 (New Year’s Eve)”

Thursday, December 30, 1943

Dearest Gee. I noticed in one of your letters you were telling about everyone getting a letter before you. I can’t understand it as you are always the first I write to, you know that. As a rule whenever I have time to write you I have time to write Mom. I don’t see whyContinue reading “Thursday, December 30, 1943”

Wednesday, December 29, 1943 (to Gee’s Bridge Club)

Well Gang, I got your super card and the super duper cigarettes okay. The package was the first and only one that I’ve got so far. I did get twenty-six cards and letters in about three days time. Got cards from Paul Kunes, Ed Morris’s too. The mail was my Christmas this time and IContinue reading “Wednesday, December 29, 1943 (to Gee’s Bridge Club)”

Tuesday, December 28, 1943

Dearest Gee. Guess it’s high time I was answering a few of those letters I’ve been getting. The day before Christmas I received about twenty letters and cards. I even got a card from Mr. & Mrs. Ozier with a note in it. I think I have some boxes but they haven’t got to meContinue reading “Tuesday, December 28, 1943”

Sunday, December 19, 1943

Dearest Gee. Haven’t had any letters now for a few days. I expect to get some of those packages pretty soon now. Some of the fellows have started to get some. Oh happy day. Say, Gwendolyn, you’re not going out drinking with soldiers, are you? I read one of the letters you sent Chick aboutContinue reading “Sunday, December 19, 1943”

Thursday, December 16, 1943

Dearest Gee. Just wrote you that long type written v-mail last night so I don’t have much to say tonight but will try anyway. I got your Dec. 2 v-mail today. It was the first time you mentioned getting a letter from me so I gather it was the first letter you’ve received. You shouldContinue reading “Thursday, December 16, 1943”

Wednesday, December 15, 1943

Dearest Gee, Kinda hit the jackpot here the other day on the mail situation. Got seven letters. Two of them were from you. And the rest of them were from Mom, Sis, Mae, Erv, and a card from Mom. Mom’s card was the first Christmas card that I’ve received so dar. I expect some moreContinue reading “Wednesday, December 15, 1943”

Friday, December 10, 1943

Dearest Gee. Received your Nov 4 letter today with the newspaper in it. Also got one from Sis. They sure get the mail mixed up as far as dates are concerned but then don’t suppose that can be helped. I’m tickled to death to get one even if it was a year old. I sawContinue reading “Friday, December 10, 1943”

Wednesday, December 8, 1943 (FSSF Xmas card)

Dearest Gee. Well, honey, what do you think of our Christmas card. I think the Red Cross is having it stenciled onto some v-mail for us. Don’t know what the allotment will be yet. Looks pretty good tho, don’t it. I got the best news. I found my lighter. It was inside my bedding. I’dContinue reading “Wednesday, December 8, 1943 (FSSF Xmas card)”