Thursday, September 30, 1943

Dearest Gee.

Got your Monday letter and Tuesday letter today. After I sent that one letter with the ribbon in it I wondered if it would go allright. Did you have to pay any extra on it? Was more like a package.

Had a very enjoyable evening last night except I lost considerable sleep. Douglass wanted me to go over to Waterbury with him to see his brother. The main reason for going over was for him to pick up some R gas coupons. We both got overnight passes and got away about six. It’s 26 miles over there. Sure was pretty scenery as we drove along the mountains. Followed Winooski river practically the whole way. We got there about seven and ate supper downtown. It’s a very small town. Don’t imagine there’s more than 1500 people there. Of course, it was meatless Wednesday so we had to eat eggs and fried potatoes, toast, coffee. Then we went out to his brother’s. His brother is 39 years old but is as grey as Dad. Looks more like 59. He wasn’t home as he was working nights. His sister-in-law was tho. She is pretty good looking too — for 37. We sit and talked for awhile and found out they only had a pint of Old Overholt and no more to be had anywhere. We were on our third one when his brother came home. He’d got himself fired from his job. He’d been trying to for quite awhile as he wanted to work for Bell Aircraft and get off the night shift stuff. He’s a 30-day wonder-machinist. They wanted him to do some painting too and he wouldn’t do it so they canned him. Well, we finished the pint and then started around to all the neighbors. They didn’t have any either but we had a nice visit. Mills I think their name was. Then we went to another neighbor across the street and he just had = that much in the bottom of a quart. We confiscated that and went back to their house and squeezed one more drink out of it. All this sounds like we were stiff but we weren’t. Guess that’s the way they do business. If one doesn’t happen to have any they make the rounds. They didn’t know Doug was coming or they’d have had some.

Well, after we came back there he got out his movie machine. Sure has a dandy. Screen and everything. They do a lot of skiing and had taken movies of that and fishing. Had about five or six rolls. Then she went out and fixed sandwiches and we had doughnuts and coffee. She also gave us some doughnuts to bring back. We didn’t get back to camp till 2:30. Sure was sleepy but had a good time anyway.

This morning we had to make a mock up for training purposes. Reckon we’ll be here for a week or two yet. I know they have a deadline to get the boxes packed now but don’t know when it is.

So Hilah named the baby Mary Karen. That sounds like a pretty good name. Glad she’s getting along so good.

You’re getting to be quite a bridge fan. Sure glad you have something to occupy your time. What did you mean by “not being satisfied?” I ain’t either.

Reckon I’ll get to bed early tonight. Oh yes. Got paid today, $14.52. Is it back to 21 dollars a month now?

Well, kid, guess this will be all for now. Be good, and I sure love you and miss you.

So long,


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