Friday, October 1, 1943

Dearest Gee.

Got your Wednesday letter this morn. Also got a letter from Coe with gum in it.

Did you plan on sending me the snapshots to see? In Sis’s letter she sounded like somebody already had sent them. She wanted to know if I didn’t think they were good.

Business is sure picking up around here. We have all our boxes painted green now and are waiting on paint to stencil them. We had to go over all of them and fix busted boards and make sampler boxes for the civilian carpenters. They sure are busy. We’re getting more calisthenics and drill everyday too. Sure am stiffened up.

Got my field jacket back from the cleaner today. They didn’t get all the dirt out of it either. It was really lousy dirty. Was going to turn it in and then decided not to.

Think Close and I and Kelly will go to town tonight. Would like to see a show and eat. Today is fish day so I have to diet.

Sure had a good sleep last night. Went to bed around 7:30 and read the Life magazine and then pounded my ear.

Hope the blind girl saved some Lifes for you so you can keep the pictures. There was some good ones in there.

Well, kid, there just isn’t much to write about. Oh yes, we turned in our khaki clothes today. Brrrrr. I’d rather turn in the O.D.s.

Guess this will be all for today. Be good and I sure love you. Miss you like everything.

So long


The Life Magazine Snook refers to is the September 13, 1943 issue, which featured photographs and an article about the Kiska invasion. Google Books has the entire article available and an entry will be added to the annotated bibliography still in progress, but eventually accessible via the Media page.

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