Thursday, November 11, 1943

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, it’s about time to celebrate the ending of the last war, isn’t it? Sure wish it was this one. The way things sound it really hadn’t ought to be so long. The rumors over here sound better than they did in the States.

Would sure like to hear from Chick and from Erv. I’ve written them both but we haven’t received any mail yet. Have you heard from them?
The eats here are pretty doggone good. I hear today we are to have fricassee chicken which doesn’t sound bad. It’ll probably be a canned variety but that’s pretty good stuff. How are you doing on the eating situation?

I read the cartoon book yesterday that Mildred and Claude had in their Xmas box. That sure was good. I laughed myself silly. Have already passed it around and they all got a big kick out of it. Now I’m reading the book of jokes. She made up a little verse on each item. They were really good. Candy and cigarettes are at a premium here. If you can slip some cigs in once in awhile they’ll be appreciated. Would sure like to have some.

How’s Mom and Dad and all getting along? Eating regular? Could sure go for a nice roast pork and trimmings right now. Guess this is all now.

I sure love you. So long.


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