Tuesday, November 9, 1943

Dearest Gee.

Don’t know what I’m going to say to fill up this page but I know you want a letter. This will have to do.

I got my other bag so I thought it best to open up the Christmas presents that I got from Claude and Mildred and the one from Mom. I hated to do it so soon. Lord, the things I got! I sure got a kick out of them. Claude and Mildred gave me so many things it would take a page to list them all. Sure want to thank them! I only got one pack of cigarettes out of the deal and a cigar. Cigarettes and the like are quite an item to get. I also got a packet of Velvet tobacco that will come in handy. Haven’t had a chance to look at the funny books yet but I did look at the one Mildred had marked. Tell her I agree with her.

Am still feeling good and eating. In fact, I’m getting ready now to go eat again. Keeping us mighty busy. Wish I knew more to say and could say it. Will have lots to tell you sometime. Don’t imagine you’ll believe it all but it’ll be true.

Sure will be glad to hear from somebody. Will probably come in gobs again when it does get here.

Hope you are still okay and everyone else too. The war news sure sounds like home soon, don’t it? Sure hope it keeps.

Sure love you and miss you.


Reproduction of a 1940 Velvet Pipe & Cigarette Tobacco advertisement.

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