Friday, December 10, 1943

Dearest Gee.

Received your Nov 4 letter today with the newspaper in it. Also got one from Sis. They sure get the mail mixed up as far as dates are concerned but then don’t suppose that can be helped. I’m tickled to death to get one even if it was a year old. I saw Heath today for awhile. I believe you met him if you will recall. Close and I still see each other fairly regular. Once in awhile I see old Douglass and Kellershon. They both always ask about you. I believe Francy met Heath too, didn’t he? I think Kelly has a crush on you. Remember the night we got stiff together? Then later he wanted to come up to the room and drink to my birthday? I still kid him about that.

I sure got a kick out of Sis’s letter. Will you kindly take her aside and explain to her what a short arm is? I about died when she told about asking Don what it was. What a question.

I saw in the paper you sent about Vic Winmer taking his basic training. Wonder how he likes it. Probably about as well as I did. Spose he misses his Margy now? Makes a guy appreciate wives more. So is it vice versa?

The Red Cross was here the past couple of days giving us doughnuts and coffee. They are considerable help here. First doughnuts I’ve had in a long while. Sure tasted mighty fitten.

I’m sure glad you have all those parties to go to, kid. Don’t make the time hang quite as heavy. This won’t last much longer, I don’t think. Sure hope not. Oh yes, I saw in that paper where “Staff Sergeant Frees and wife were enjoying a furlough. He’s sure got it made, hasn’t he? Well, kid, guess I gotta hit the hay so in the meantime, I sure love you and miss you.

So long now.


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