Wednesday, January 12, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Sho’ did hit the jackpot this time. Got eight letters this morning. Three from you, three from Mom (Dec. 11, 20, 25), one from Sis, Dec. 25, and one from Chick of Dec. 9. Yours were two v-mails of 22, 24 Dec. and an airmail of Dec. 16. My morale went up fifty points. Sounds like you might have had a pretty good Christmas. I’m glad of that. I haven’t got your Christmas Day letter yet tho. No packages have been sent to us yet but there must be some in. As long as they keep they mail coming, I’m happy. Chick has moved again, according to his letter. He didn’t say where. He is okay tho. He has a good job, I know that. I saw the picture of him. I sure agree on the R.A.R. business. Never saw the like. Glad Joannie likes her table now. I thought it would all come out in the wash. How did Harry come out in the match business? Has he given it up yet? I know he’s working on trains now. Watta man. Now I’ll have to sweat out a letter as to what you did for New Years. Another week should do it. War never sounds good don’t it? Sure love you and miss you.

So long now.


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