Wednesday, January 12, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got your Dec. 12 jobby today. The one with the fancy Christmas stationary. Mighty fine writing paper there, kid. Where did you win it? Wish I could answer a few of your questions but of course I can’t. You needn’t worry about the dates as I’ll have those. I got a letter from Mildred C. too. Hers was written Dec. 10th. Sure makes it hard two write when you get letters from all kinds of dates. One day you get them from Dec. 20 the next from November sometime. I’ll sure take them tho, anyway and anytime. Glad you and Jenny [Chick] are having a good time but be careful and you know what I mean. On the scrapbook deal. You might just as well continue the way it is. That should be alright. Still have my Clark Gable mustache, kid but I’ll shave her off one of these days. They aren’t so particular about the shaving here. I’m still okay but a little tired at present. Hope the flu passes you all by. Take care of yourself and be good. Sure love you and miss you.


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