Friday, January 14, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got quite a bit of mail again today. Got your two Dec. 14 ones and one dated Dec. 20 with the pictures of that new coat. Front and back views too. Right away everybody wanted to know how much it costs and all about it. I didn’t know whether they were talking about you or the coat. They all agreed I should get home and take care of you in the proper manner. Guess you know by now what that means. No more 12.50 this and 12.50 that and only four dollars for this! Um hmm. I am putting those pipe cleaners to good use. I was gonna ask for some but thought what the hell. How did you know I had a pipe? I got a nice card from you too, kid, thank you. Got a nice card from Aunt Stella, one from the Sedgewicks, one from Hilah and Jack with a picture of Jackie, and another letter from Erv. Wish I knew where he was. That makes a total of seven for the day which sure isn’t bad. No packages here yet, but they surely have arrived from what they tell me. I’m okay at the present writing. Had a swell shower today. Really felt good. Sure miss you and love you. Hope I see you soon. Be good.

So long.


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