Tuesday, January 18, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey. I’ve been spending all morning on my Christmas packages. Lord, did I ever get a flock of them. I received six cans, five being full of candy, one of Prince Albert, funny books, and all of your swell presents. Sure am proud of that pipe, kid, it’s a dandy. I wondered when I received all the pipe cleaners if that was to clean my old pipe or whether I was getting another one. The one you sent is much better than the one I have. Thanks for the complete outfit of toilet articles and case. Also thanks for the tobacco pouch. Everyone that smokes a pipe wants one and can’t get any. Tell Joannie and Francy thanks for their packages too. It was all swell and came through in fine shape with the exception of one can that had fudge and candy bars in it. This one can the fudge had molded but the bars were okay. It didn’t have who it was from on it so I couldn’t tell who sent it. I got so many packages I don’t know yet who all sent them. Got some from Mom, Dad, and a Mrs. Picknell (who is that?). Most of them are from you tho. My mail this morning was terrific too. Got a letter from Jack with a check for a buck. How will I cash it? Two letters from Erv. He says he’s in Italy now. One from Mae, three from you, dated the 4, 7, and a v-mail from the 30th. Three from Mildred C. of the 30th, one from Dad, and a notice of my receiving a subscription to the Reader’s Digest from the Oziers. I’ll write a letter, kid, I can’t get enough on this. It will be a couple days late but what the hell. Sure love you and miss you.

So long.


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