January 18, 1944 (second letter)

Dearest Gee.

Well, here is the continuation of that v-mail I wrote you. Sometimes a guy just can’t get enough on one of those to tell you everything you want to. I got your four packages of precious Chesterfields too. Also received a swell card from Claude and Mildred, one from Jenny + Joe [Chick], and one from the Nelsons. Am surprised to hear about Joe being sent across. Did someone slip up somewhere? And it’s about time for Bud to get transferred to a different outfit, isn’t it? Shouldn’t talk that way, I suppose, but it sure looks that way.

I don’t know whether I ever thanked Sis for a bunch of Air Mail stamps of not. Lot’s of times those things slip my mind. I’m slipping, kid, getting to be an old man. Well, since I started this letter a guy just came and handed me five more! I got your Dec. 27, Jan. 1 airmails and a v-mail of Jan 2. Also got a v-mail from Dada and a letter from Coe. Was certainly interested especially in your Jan. 1 airmail. So the folks finally got a letter from Chick. I supposed you know now he’s moved again. I had a letter from him a little over a week ago and he told me. He’s okay. You sounded awfully worried about the both of us. What do you think this is, a checker game? I don’t hear any radio although the company has one. The only way we have of keeping up on what’s going on is the Army paper and what we see. And we see plenty. The two letters I got from Erv, one was dated Jan. 10 and the other one wasn’t dated. He said he’s somewhere in Italy and that his illness wasn’t anything to get worried about. I’ve been writing him at least once a week and Chick the same way.

We did have a nice holiday today. Had our Turkey dinner and all the trimmings too. Even chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I’m mighty happy to be here eating it. We’ve been in action again and it sure ain’t funny. I’m okay tho.

Yes it would be nice if all your wishes for the three of us could come true but I’m doubtful. You don’t and can’t understand how things are.
Chick told me he took some pictures but then it would probably take weeks for them to reach you. I’m sweating out another letter from him now since he’s moved. I can’t imagine where Erv could be.

Sounds like you had quite a New Year’s party. I’m glad for you. You should have seen ours. Don’t think much of you going to Mississippi (there, I did spell it) to see Bud with Jenny. We’re going to need all the excess dough you can save. Have you saved any? You never did say whether you’d paid those taxes or not. Did you?

Sure like the looks of that coat, kid. It must be beautiful. I’m glad you got it because after I get home — you know me. One thing sure, I’ll be wearing the same clothes for awhile yet. I’ll have to put those pictures in those new folders you sent. Could stand a couple more folders from the amount of pictures.

The war news sure sounds good, don’t it? I hope those Russians keep on going. They can stand it better all the way around.

You asked if Jack + Hilah write much. I hadn’t heard from them for quite awhile until I got their Christmas card and then his letter. He’s evidently had quite a sick spell. He told me his draft status was changed from 1A to 2B. Not bad.

Guess I’d better quit for now. I sure love you and miss you. Take care of yourself and be good. So long.


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