Saturday, January 22, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Well, kid, I had another pay day. Didn’t come any too soon either. In case you want to mark it down it was 29.60 lira. Better known as twenty-nine dollars and sixty cents. The first five went to a cameo for you. It isn’t in a setting but I suppose — rather I’m afraid one can be made. Personally, I’ve found a better grade of stuff at Woolworth’s but I guess they are supposed to be good. Would like to go to town now and see what kind of a bed spread I can pick up for a dollar and a half.

Had a chance to go to Pompeii tomorrow but I don’t think I’ll go. From what I hear it’s a conducted tour and they smell. If they’d let you go wandering around by yourself it wouldn’t be so bad. I have a folder on it so I guess that’s enough. Wish we could see Naples again. Maybe I could pick up better cameos.

Haven’t had any mail now for two days. If I don’t get some today — well, guess I’d have to wait til tomorrow. Close went to town today. He passed up his chance for Pompeii too. Can’t go to town with Close anymore. They won’t let more than one section leader at a time go. Guess that would interrupt the entire set-up of the U.S. Army and we can’t have that. Or can we?

Well, we had a mail call but I didn’t get any from you. Got a v-mail from Coe dated Jan. 2. She sure has been good about writing. I believe I owe her a letter too. I know I do now.

Soon as I get a few more things together I’ll send home a box —if I can.
Still haven’t found out where Erv is exactly. Haven’t heard anymore from Chick either. Should be getting a letter from one or both soon.

Sure been camping on that candy. Have been reading funny books and eating candy every night. Still got four cans left. The toll house cookies Es + Harry sent are gone. They also sent candy bars and a box of sunshine cookies. Got all of it in a big box under my bunk.

Only got time for this one letter tonight. It’s past bed time.

I’m enclosing (my pen went dry) a ten lira piece. It’s the kind of money we use and get paid in. We can send ten cents at a time in letters so next time I’ll send some Italian money. The real McCoy. Add it to our album or collection or whatever it is.

Hope I hear from you tomorrow. We sure have been eating turkey. Had it today and again now tomorrow. What a tough life! How are you doing?

Guess this will be all for now. Be good. I sure love you and miss you.

So long now.


1913 Ad, Vintage Sunshine Biscuits Cookies, Loose-Wiles Biscuit Company, Boston MA.

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