Sunday, January 23, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Well, kid, I went to town this afternoon. Tried to find a bed spread for you but I only found one place and he wanted twenty-two bucks for one you could get in the States for five. I thought I’d look around for another place open (it being Sunday) so I decided to go back and get it for you anyway. When I got back he was gone too so I was without any. I’ll get one tho. Did manage for a couple cameos. I’ll send it all home together when I get the bed spread. These cameos are the best I could find but that’s not saying much. There isn’t any selection at all. Looked at a cameo bracelet for you and I know Woolworth’s have better ones. The metal was gilt covered tin and the cameos were crude things that you wouldn’t wear and I know it. You probably have the idea that a cameo is a cameo regardless just because it comes from Italy but it’s a good deal like shopping at home. There isn’t any polish to them at all.

I think maybe Chick will get his wish about the mass. I’m glad you’ve been going to church so regular. I’m a bad boy. Oh yes, while in town I looked up where Erv is and found out but it doesn’t do any good. I can’t go there anyway. Ain’t it hell? If we ever got together we’d pitch a lulu. I haven’t heard from him lately either. Should be getting a letter soon. Didn’t hear from you again today but I got a letter of Jan. 4 from Mom. She said something about sending a letter twice because it came back and it had news in it that she wanted me to have. Now I have to sweat out that letter to see what the news is.

On the cameos give one to Mom too. I can’t send home my cards. Don’t know why but it’s orders so that’s that.

Also got a meal of four fried eggs, potatoes (fried), bread, and a jug of wine for two bucks! I went in town with Powell and Evensen. Don’t believe you met them. The wine was good. The eggs and potatoes were fried in olive oil and wow they shore tasted rank pardner. Couldn’t see two bucks throwed in the air so I ate them anyway. The next letter will probably be written from the dispensary. No more of that for me. I like my eggs fried in good old bacon grease.

I’m enclosing a five Franc note of Morocco. It is worth 10 cents in American money. Hold it up to the light and look at the seal you can see a picture of a lion’s head. Take it down to McGuire’s and get yourself a beer with it. Leave the G.I.’s [to] buy their own tho.

Reckon this is all for now. Hope you’re okay. Be good and I sure love you.

So long now.


Photo from the First Special Service Force Association website.

Edward J Evensen, Cpl.

Photo from the First Special Service Force Association website.

Robert D Powell, PFC.

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