Tuesday, January 25, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Don’t have much to write about tonight so I’ll make this one a v-mail. I have your package ready to send and will be sending it probably tomorrow. All I’m putting in is the bed spread, one cameo, and some little trinkets for you and Bernadine. The medals are for Billy, L. Harry, and you. The cross came from Naples when I was there. None of it is worth a hell of a lot but I hope you like the bed spread. I never did find a cameo pin. All I ever saw was the cheap pins. I hated it because I broke the other cameo as it was a better one. I’ll see if I can get Mom one too. Was going to send some coins but I guess it’s against the rules. Got a letter dated Jan. 14 from Chick today. He wrote me to look him up again but I can’t. Sure is tough. I don’t know for sure where he is anyway. Erv is beyond even thinking about. Guess we should be thankful the two of us got together at all. Got a duplicate of Sis’s Jan. 2 v-mail today too. That’s twice that’s happened. Played ball today. We won fourteen to three. Now it will take a six man detail to get me out of bed tomorrow. The second can of fudge was spoiled too, kid. The fudge didn’t come through so good but the divinity did. The wash towel and face towel came in handy. Guess this is all now. Sure love you and I miss you. Be good.

So long now.


Snook eventually did locate some cameo pins while in Italy, two of which are pictured here.

Snook and Gee loved candy. Gee’s divinity candy reached legendary status by the time I was a child in the 1980s, so it’s especially delightful to read that she was making and sharing her recipe as far back as this. Some of my favorite memories of her as a child was standing on a stool at her stove stirring her heavenly fudge, a recipe the family still makes around the holidays to this day.

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