Wednesday, January 26, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Guess I got time to scribble off a few lines to you. Should write one to Erv and to Chick. I got a letter from Erv today and one from Chick yesterday. Chick said he was okay and was looking forward to seeing me. Things aren’t that simple tho, I’m afraid.

I sent your package off today. Sent a bedspread, a cameo, about 3 cents in Italian coins, a cross I got in Naples, and the two bracelets for you and Bernadine, and the souvenir medals. The censor (thanks again Lt!) Lt. Ringo did the fancy job of tying up the package. The bracelets as you will see are more of a souvenir than they are to wear. I imagine if you were to wear them they would turn your wrist fifteen different colors. I couldn’t find the other half of the cameo I broke or I’d send it. I think Chick told you all about the bedspreads being only fringed on three sides. Don’t wave it in front of a bull.

Wrote Jack + Hilah last night. Told him about the check he sent. Sure did laugh when I got it. He evidently had quite a sick spell. He’ll be worse than that if they put him in 1A, but in Hilah’s letter and I believe yours too, it was changed to 2B. Lucky dog. How is Bud doing now that he’s a buck private [lowest possible army rank] again? If he treated the fellows like I imagine he did, woe unto him!

I sure have a bunch of good fellows in my section. Very few times they cause me any grief. Everybody has their troubles sometimes tho.

Gosh I owe a lot of letters but I just can’t get time to write them. I’ll write every chance I get, you know that.

How are all those aches + pains you’ve been telling me about? They must be all right as you haven’t mentioned them lately. I hope so.

Well, kid, guess this will be all for now. Sure love you, and miss you. Be good.

So long now.


Not the cameos mentioned, but ones that Snook did send back from Italy.
Snook & Gee were Catholics, so devotional items like these from Italy were quite prized.

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