Thursday, February 10, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Well, kid, I hit the jackpot last night on the letters, got your Jan. 8 and 11th air mail letters and the 18th and 10th v-mail letters. Also got a swell card from Mom that she completely filled with writing, and one from Erv, and one from Pauline Sedgewick. Was kinda surprised to hear from her. She sounded like the old bridge club is all going to be in the army.

So Bernard is on the verge now. Just what the devil are they trying to do? He doesn’t have any business in the army. Sure hope he doesn’t have to go. That rupture might make a difference although the physical is mostly a laugh.

I got your package of paper and another one addressed from Joannie with a comic book in it. Yes, I like to look at them when I have time.

Have you given up the school proposition yet? In a way I hope so and in another way I don’t mind. I’m hoping you won’t have to work after this is over. Typing is also bad on the back so it wouldn’t help you much on that score. What’s the fifteen dollars for? Does it last longer than a month? If you think it would do some good okay but I really don’t see the benefit. What I’d like for you to do is concentrate on trying to save a little dough so we can have something to start on. By that, I don’t mean for you to give up your pleasures. You’ve got to have some relaxation but you know what I mean. Anyplace you can save some do it. Maybe you already are. At least, I hope so. Then by the time this is over —which will be about 1960 at the rate they’re going — we’ll have a nice egg to get back in the groove again. You never have answered my question about the drinking proposition yet. Probably haven’t got the letter yet. Sure do want you to be good and keep the old home like it was. Is Jenny trying to lead you astray? I don’t trust her.

You and Mom will be the only ones I’m going to write to for awhile. Just haven’t time for more. Sure don’t want the others to quit writing tho. The paper got wet over on the other page so I had to quit and start a new one. If I didn’t get letters this sho’ would be a dreary old world. The government knows how much help the mail is too. They do all they can towards getting it to the men.

Mom sent me a four leaf clover luck charm and I still have yours. Hope they are both good.

Guess I’d better stop now. Hope you are still okay. I am at present. Sure love and miss you. Be good.

So long.


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