Friday, February 11, 1944

(or possibly a second letter on February 10, 1944)

Dearest Gee.

Got your v-mail of January 17 yesterday. Also got a v-mail of Jan. 18 from Mildred C. And one from Sis of Jan. 21. The mail seems to be coming in pretty good now. Just hope it continues.

That’s a good idea about keeping those income taxes up if at all possible. My year’s wages came to the huge sum of four hundred and fifty-six dollars and twenty-eight cents. I’ll write it all out because it sounds like it’s more that way. That’s just what I drew, it’s not taking into consideration the two allotments or insurance.

So Erv is eating pork chops! Do they come in a can? I think I saw one once. It’s been quite awhile ago tho. Mom says she had beans there one day. Well now, we get beans but it’s been a long time since we had any soup beans. What I couldn’t do to one of your T-bone steaks now! What are they, a hundred-ten points?

Also got your v-mail forms you sent. Everytime I write and say we don’t get anything and you send some, then we get the stuff issued to us. Consequently, I have four cartons of cigarettes that I’ve never touched. Everything but candy. My candy is all gone. From all you say, I don’t think I’ve received all the packages yet. They’ll catch up. We get hard candy issued to us but that gets old quick.

Tis now Feb. 12 so you can see I’ve had a little difficulty writing this. I won’t say anything about any action since it bothers everyone. Come to think of it, it bothers me too. Nothing to worry about.

Happy Valentine’s Day and stuff, kid. I meant to send a card but you know how it is. Those little things slip my mind. They’re still having Valentine’s Day aren’t they.

I’ve run completely out of talk so I guess I’d better stop rambling. Hope you are all okay. Thanks for everything. I finally finished the funny book. I just invited Close up for dinner so everything is okay now. Hope I see you soon. Sure love you and miss you. Be good.

So long.


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