Thursday, February 24, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Just saw a batch of mail go by with our mail orderly under it so we should get some letters today. Haven’t heard from Chick now for some time. He should be coming thru with one. I already owe Erv about four. Someday maybe I’ll catch up. How is the romance between Bernadine and the sailor? Am sure sweating out Bernard’s draft call. Sho’ hope he isn’t yanked in. They’ll be taking Dad next. He just wrote and said he could still use a shot gun. I’m afraid a shot gun would do about as much good as a slingshot. I gather you haven’t got my package yet because you’re still writing me. When you get that package you probably won’t write me or anything else. We should trade places when it comes to shopping. Sure would like to see you gabbing with some of those Italians. I’m afraid their idea of a store would throw you for a loss. Most of their stores are wherever they happen to be at the time. So far I’m getting along fine here. Miss you like the dickens. Hope you’re all fine and dandy. How the income taxes coming along? We shouldn’t have to pay any this year, had we? Well, looks like I have to stop now. I sure love you. Be good.

So long now.


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