Sunday, February 27, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Haven’t got a whole lot to write about today. Think I answered all your questions yesterday. We haven’t had a mail call as yet today.
We shouldn’t have to pay income tax this year, kid. I know everyone who is overseas is excused from it and from what they tell me a soldier’s income wouldn’t start to be taxed unless he was a first lieutenant. I haven’t got there yet.

Sure sounds like you’re on the go all the time. You’re always just going to do something or all tired out from something. Why don’t you relax?

That’s too bad about Jack’s car. I’ll bet he sure stormed around for awhile. When you can’t get parts like that it makes it twice as bad.

Well, honey, all five packages of comic books and funnies have been duly read and appreciated. Those things go like a house on fire. The guys won’t hardly let you read them. I always have to hide my candy bars or criminy I wouldn’t get any. They are too precious to give away. I do give some of the loose candy to the fellows tho.

Wrote Mom a long letter because I hadn’t written them for some time. Guessed I’ve formed a bad habit in trying to answer everybody that writes me because now I can’t begin to and it bothers me. I’ll try to squeeze one in once in awhile to the others.

Have you heard anything from Chick yet? I wrote him over a week ago but haven’t heard anything yet. Sure hope he’s okay. I imagine his collection of stuff is quite a curio to a lot of people. He’s fortunate in being able to send so much home.

I’ve only had that one chance to send anything. I could send home a lot of Italian and German insignias and belt buckles and one thing and another but I’m just not interested in that kind of stuff. That blanket wiped out my paycheck for the month but that doesn’t mean a thing here. No place, or anything to spend it on anyway. Sure would like to spend it on a train ride home. That would be money well spent. Got a lot of good out of that one batch of dough I had once. Member that there phone call?

Got a nice long (four pager) from Claudie the other day. I wrote him one a long time ago addressed to the hotel he was rooming in. Did he ever get it? He was telling me all about his job. They sure must keep him busy.

Sure am sweating out about Bernard. Has he heard anything more? I see now they give the inductees three weeks pre-induction furloughs now. That’s quite awhile to think things over, isn’t it? Would like to know how Vic is getting along. His basic training should be about over, shouldn’t it. Where did you say Tom Putnam was? How’s come you write to him?

Sure would like another July Fourth weekend like we had once. Hey, kid? That was really a scorcher. There will be more tho.

Guess I’ll have to quit now. I’m running low on talk. Sure hope you are all fine. So far I am getting along swell.

If you can send some candy bars I would appreciate it lots, thanks.

Sure love you and miss you.

So long.


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