Tuesday, February 29, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Just went over today and had a grand shower. It was one of those portable units and really hit the spot. I now feel like a million bucks. Also got my hair cut and a shave. Garcia cuts my hair now. Douglass has quit the barbering business. Garcia is quite a character. We called the barbers “The League of Nations” because Garcia is a Spaniard; Rizzi, an Italian; Douglass, a Scotchman, and Homatas, a Greek. It’s quite a collection. Kelly has been in the hospital, tho not wounded. He is okay now.

Am expecting some mail today or tomorrow. We manage a mail call about every other day as it takes that long to sort it all out. The mail is quite a problem I’ll bet.

Sure wouldn’t mind seeing a show once. Suppose you are getting your fill of them. Lord, we won’t know any of the latest tunes, or anything else. I do hear that a Frank Sinatra is quite the rage. Have you fallen for him too? We get a big kick out of listening to the German propaganda over the radio. They play American music and then really spread the bull. If we’d listen to them we’d been out of here long ago. They told us one night that the last boat had just left. It’s better than Sinatra anytime.

I’m getting to be a pretty good cook, kid. I boil water just swell. We eat C rations which aren’t bad, but kinda monotonous. They don’t quite that the place of a nice juicy steak with French fries. Nor pork chops.

Manage to get off a letter to Erv yesterday. First in some time.

Just now having a mail call. I’ll let you know the score in just a minute. Well, I got your Feb. 11 v-mail; Sis’ Feb. 8 and Mildred’s Feb. 11th. You really must have had a blizzard right. What is it considered – a freak? We always did manage one good snow storm a year anyway.

Sis says you’ve been working on a Ouija board. Doing any good? You might ask the dang thing when we are coming home. As to Mildred’s little hunch on a certain date, there is a little story connected there but nothing very alarming. I’ll tell you someday.

Sounds like some kind of intrigue or “miskery” going on about Don’s wife. How’s come the FBI is working on it? He must have really found something. Looks like there should be some way of stopping the allowance. Does Don know about it? As usual I suppose he’ll be the last to find out about it. Poor kid.

Sis says the guys at the News Gazette struck for more wages. Rather the News boys did. Boy if they have never received any raise since I carried, they shore ought to have one.

So Agnes went over to see the n****r gal about the fuss! Boy that’s going some. That gal should be coining a fortune in these times.

Hope you manage to get over that blizzard okay and get some good weather. Should be warming up there soon. I’ll be over some Sunday and we’ll go fishing.

Hope you’re all okay. I am except for my appetite. They have trouble filling me up. Sure love you and miss you.

Sure would like some more candy bars if you can manage.

So long now.



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