Sunday, March 19, 1944

[Continued from the letter begun on March 16, 1944]

Well, well, time certainly does fly, doesn’t it? Haven’t had any more mail since the other page but I should be getting a batch soon.

I did get a letter from Chick and one from Erv. Chick says he’s doing okay. I was glad to hear that. Still haven’t been able to find just where he is. Not that it would do any good.

Have you got the January 31 issue of Life? A few of those pictures would be of interest to you I think. Not all, however. And don’t look for me either! You people!

Boy, you should talk about washing clothes! If you’d see how these Italian women do it, you’d die. They have everything outdoors. Got a big concrete tub and they wash in cold water. They pump the water right into the tub and start in. I got a couple of them busy at the present. I hope they notice those holes in my socks on account I don’t know the words for darning socks. I showed them all my pictures of you and everybody. They sure get a kick out of those. They gave me a folder of Rome so I’ll know my way around when I get there. I sho’ let them know what I thought of that three hundred dollar fur coat. That’s three thousand lire to them which is still a lot of dough.

Sure do love you kid. Hope I get some mail tonight. Miss you like everything.

So long now.


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