Monday, March 20, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Hit the jackpot again today on the mail. Got two v-mails from you and a air mail and a package of funnies. Also got two long letters from Mom. Then I got a v-mail from Era. I managed to write Erv a letter last night. He was beginning to wonder why I hadn’t been writing to him.

Don’t get alarmed at this pen writing as I haven’t found my pen. I borrowed this one. If you can manage to find me a good cheap pen somewhere I’d appreciate it. No use getting a good one, I guess.

Funny thing about the pictures you sent and then telling me about seeing those pictures in Life magazine. At last you’ve hit it right. I just told you yesterday to watch for those pictures — at least some of them. I was hoping you would. It was just as rugged as it looks if not mores. I had plenty of experience with those mules too. The queerest thing about animals here — and yet when you stop and think about it — it isn’t queer, that you have to talk ago talk to them or you’ll never get anywhere with them. Even dogs. To call a dog you’ve got to say something like “vini qua”. That’s supposed to be the equivalent of “come here, you.” They are still dogs tho and like to be scratched behind the ears like any other mongrel.

No, I haven’t seen Close, Douglass, or any of the gang for some time. They are all still okay tho. I know that much about them at least.

I’m still hearing about the newspaper picture. I suppose you all were very disappointed to find out it wasn’t any of us. I don’t know how you figured it to be Chief and Rizzi. The atmosphere was the same tho. But we didn’t get our Turkey that day but the day after.

There’s no need for me to go into any lengthy discussion on how it is here. The papers tell it all anyway, doesn’t it? It’s plenty hot at times, that’s for sure.

I told you that Chick and I had our pictures taken when I went to see him, didn’t I? I just wondered if the photograph he sent could have been those? Too bad so many we’re ruined.

I wouldn’t mind having my (or our) (or your) baby brownie providing you could get film for it. If I lost that I wouldn’t be losing much. Maybe I could snap a few pictures myself.

You can skip that question I asked a long while back. I think you’ve already answered it.

I hope Esther gets along okay. They sure have their troubles, don’t they? She must have had quite a time to be on the operating table an hour and a half.

Expect you have your hands full with Linda now, huh. I’ll bet she sure is cute. Would sure like to see her.

Guess I’d better stop now. Sure love you and miss you. Hope I see you soon.

So long now.


Snook & Chick

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