Saturday, March 25, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Haven’t had any mail for a couple of days. Should be getting some pretty soon — I hope.

This country around here is pretty in a way. Sometimes during the day it’s so quiet it makes you wonder if a war is really going on. But something always has to happen to spoil it all. Really have a lively time sometimes. Then is when I do a lot of thinking about home and you. Sometimes I’d sho’ like to be under the bed at home. So far the closest they’ve come is having the concussion knock my helmet off from a shell. It was too close to suit me tho. I’m a platoon sergeant now. Got a few gun positions to worry about. It isn’t too bad.

You should see how these Italians do their washing and ironing. I’ve told you about their washing but not the ironing part. They have a big iron that is hollow on the inside and they put live coals in it for the heat. They still use a spinning wheel to make thread for clothes.

What do you think about Mt. Vesuvius erupting again? I haven’t seen the paper for a couple days so I don’t know the latest. Guess it must be pretty bad. Wouldn’t mind seeing that. Must be quite a sight. I don’t know why anyone would want to live on the side of that mountain, do you?

I wrote a letter to Erv last night. I owed him about a dozen. He still is looking forward to the time we can get together. I can’t even see Chick let alone see him. Maybe I’ll get a chance later on to see him again tho.

I do a lot of night driving in a jeep. I suppose if I ever get back to driving in the States the lights will blind me. You don’t dare light a cigarette at night here. Was driving one swell night (yes, it was raining) and couldn’t see a thing. I was looking for trees along the road to guide me and all of the sudden it really cut loose and started raining. Didn’t feel in the mood for stopping at that particular place so I tried to keep on going. Pretty soon I felt the front end give a lurch and down in the ditch I went. Put that jeep into every gear it had but twas no use. Had to do a little walking then and got some help and with the aid of another jeep we finally hauled it out. That was a fine night. Things like that puts gray hairs in a guys head. I’m sure thankful to get out of those mountains tho. There’s mountains around us but we are looking up at them, in place of looking down from them. Might be better for us if we were looking down from them tho.

How is Esther getting along? I’ll bet Little Harry is having a high old time. Tell Linda not to get married before I get back. I expect Billy is all enthused about his Dad getting in the army, isn’t he. Don’t expect Bernard to be and sure can’t blame him for it either. Beats the life out of me what they want to take him for.

Guess I’d better quit now. Hope you are all okay. I am at the present. Sure love you and miss you like everything. Tell Billy I’d like to hear from him.

So long now,


Troops watched the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, Italy, March 17, 1944. Source: Life Magazine.

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