Sunday, March 26, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Well, I really did hit today from you. Got five letters from you. An airmail with those “snow” pictures, and four v-mails of the 8th, two of the 10th and one of the 12th. Also got the cutest letter from Billy. They really are a masterpiece. I think I just asked last night why he never wrote anymore. Coincidence hey? Then I got a letter from Sis with those furlough pictures in it. Hope you don’t mind the criticism too much but you know me — I can’t say I like the way your hair is fixed in those latest photos. Or was it fixed. I got the advance news from my gestapo agents on the Chesterfield coat. Guess I’m gonna have to get a furlough yet and come home to keep us from going bankrupt. Have you enlarged the closet any? I wish I could see Close so I could get a little consolation. There is an article in the March issue of the Reader’s Digest I wish you’d save. It’s title is “Captain Waskow’s Men Say Good-bye.” Very good. Got a v-mail from Hilah the other day. She reported that they were all okay for a change but is having all her upper teeth pulled. That’s tough, isn’t it? Says Schaudt is a foreman now over girls! Wow! I’m still okay. Hope you are too, kid. Sure love you and miss you. Hope I see you soon. Be good!

So long now.


Scripps Howard war correspondent Ernie Pyle, author of the article Snook mentions, with soldiers on Iwo Jima, 1945. Source: Independent Mail

Note: This letter is dated March 27, but so is another letter that clearly follows this one. Likewise, this letter refers to a question in the March 25 letter as being asked “last night”, so I’ve therefore concluded this letter is misdated by one day.

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