Wednesday, April 19, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, no letter again today. Doesn’t give a guy much to write about but I’ll try to beat out some kind of a letter.

The motorcycle is in a fair running condition. That means it runs some of the times. The little girl I told you about had a sore throat today. Her dad wanted me to take her to the medics so he got on the back end and Rina got on the gas tank and we took off. The Captain of the medics looked her over and said she had bad tonsils and was going thru a siege of tonsillitis. I don’t have much use for her old man but feel sorry for the kids. The medics have a little dog with a batch of two-day old pups. There were three of them. She did have four but they said one died. They sure were cute. Our family of kittens are getting along first rate.

Sure do miss you, kid. Hope you still like me a little bit yet by the time I get back. I’ve been making plans for a fishing trip next summer up at the North woods. I’d hate like everything to be disappointed. Kinda miss those Sunday drives we used to take too.

If you still have some of that candy left I’d sure like to have some. Peanuts and marshmallows wouldn’t go bad either but I don’t want to appear a chow hog even tho I am. Guess this letter will have to be short till I hear from you. Sure love you and miss you. Be good for me.

So long now.


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