Tuesday, April 18, 1944

Dearest Gee.

No letters again today. Maybe tomorrow I’ll collect again.

We managed a few P.X. supplies today so now I have this fancy writing paper. I’d rather have these kinds of tablets than I would the portfolio type as they are easier to carry around.

Chapter two of the saga of the motorcycle. Today it ran. Yes, it really did. After putting on a new, or rather slightly used, ignition wire it managed to start. That was the main damage the fire did yesterday. It also loosened a few gaskets but after all what is a few gaskets between friends. Lt. Smallwood is pretty well fed up on the whole thing and wants to peddle it off on somebody. I figure as long as we have it, it can’t kill anyone else. We’ve also acquired thirteen chickens, a cat, and a fresh batch of four kittens. The kittens don’t even have their eyes open yet. Do you want one? With each package package of G.I. tooth powder purchased at the small sum of $1.49 and seven ration box tops we are giving away absolutely free one kitten. The father I believe is on furlough at present; He must be quite a veteran and has seen action several times because I’ve heard of quite a few cats around giving birth. Those things will happen. The Italians are running the cats a close race too. The cattle are running a close third. It just goes to show that Mother Nature doesn’t wait for anything. The cattle can really take it. I saw some shells light among a bunch of cattle and they just went right on eating grass as if nothing had happened. Some of them don’t come out so well tho. And by the way, the meat is tough. I think it needs your t-bone touch. The chickens manage around six to ten eggs a day. The record is eleven. One of them happens to be a rooster so we really can’t expect such things from him. When Chick was here the last time I cooked him an egg sandwich. He hadn’t been able to get any for some time.

I’m sure glad Mildred is sending me some lead. The lead I have now that was in the pencil Chick gave me is hard. I haven’t received it yet but it should be coming in any day now.

Wish I had some Mother’s Day cards to send but I just haven’t.

Saw Close for a few minutes yesterday. He wanted to know the latest on the clothes you bought. I told him all about the new Easter outfit so he went away happy knowing I was suffering. The lug!

The news on the Russian front sure sounds good. Hope they continue that way. They sure do lay it on them.

I read in the paper you sent out Vic being across. Do you know what kind of an outfit he’s in?

Well, this turned out to be a four pager which isn’t too bad. I’m still okay and hope you are too. Are you still having trouble with your feet? If you have some spare candy I’d sure like to have some please.

Sure love you and miss you.

So long now.


The motorcycle of the saga. Photo by Chick Bruns.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday, April 18, 1944

    1. I know! I always love heading over to your site every time Chick is mentioned to find his corresponding letter or diary entry. It’s a wonderful extra dimension to their histories when they’re connected.


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