Sunday, April 23, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got a letter from both Mildreds today. A three pager from Sis and ye gods a seven page type written one from Mildred. I read all afternoon. Sho was a letter. Kinda missed the usual morale builder from you tho. Also got a v-mail job from Erv.

All’s right with the world now. The cat’s back with her kittens, the motorcycle ran for over an entire day without a breakdown —oh well the gas feed needs a new cable but that’s a small item. Also the chickens laid six eggs, not enough but it will do until we can entire a few more of them to grunt a little harder. Tonight for chow we had fried potatoes a la bacon grease, a Barber de lux super egg omelet fixed with small slices of bacon, and a cup of coffee. Bread and jam for a chaser. Jerry got sore because he wasn’t invited and sent over a few delegates anyway but we left them scattered around the near vicinity. They have no manners whatsoever.
Sis wrote her letter while at Coe’s birthday party. Fine thing. I plumb forgot about her birthday.

By the looks of things there’s going to be some terrific ball games going on around here. They sent us some bats and balls. Now if we can put up a shield between us and the Jerries we’ll have it made. They want to butt in on everything.

Don’t have much to write about tonight honey. Maybe I’ll hear from you tomorrow and can write more then. Speaking of people bragging about you, Mildred sure gave you a build-up but you know how you are when I tell you those kind of things. Gotta look out for the future. Still have to live with you. Well, guess this is it for now. Sure love you and miss you.

So long for now.


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