Tuesday, April 25, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Hit the jackpot again today. Got two lovely v-mails of the 8th and 11th from you. In fact, all my letters were v-mails. One from Mom, one from Mildred, one from Coe, one from Es, and one from Erv. Twas the first good mail call I had for three or four days.

It was good of Claude and Mildred to give you the corsage for Easter. I’ll bet that thing will really get a workout, won’t it?

Chick got kinda screwed up as to where we were. Someone evidently gave him a wrong steer. He told me about that and then when he did find me he ‘most fell over. Everything was alright the first time he came but half hour later they threw in a half dozen rounds. Those Jerries watch like a hawk. Every time there is a little too much activity in one spot they throw over a few.

I’m afraid we beat Chick’s record. I can’t see that it’s anything to brag about tho. Gets pretty rugged sometimes.

We had another game of ball today. Our side won again (oh hum). We managed to get in some pretty good arguments too but that is all part of the game. All the time we play we can hear shells hitting somewhere. Don’t mind it much anymore.

Boy, after that seven pager from Mildred I think I should write her one too, don’t you? She writes a good letter. Of course, I like them all as far as letters go because each one writes different and I can get the pictures from all sides. Wish I could write everyone but I really don’t have anything to write about and to write the same thing to everyone would sure get boring to all concerned.

Um um, so you went to Chicago to shop and see a show! What can I tell Close you bought now? Saw Close tonight. He’s still okay. Has the same kind of a job I have. He sure does razz me about your fur coat and accessories. I realize you’re not responsible, kid — I’m no there to hold you down! But there will come a day.

The motorcycle is still running. It has now broken all records for running time. It also cost me sore hand from jamming a screwdriver into it. No Purple Heart. Wonder how you and me would look going down the road on a two-seater? I still like four wheels under me.

The kittens are doing fine. The dog has up and left for parts unknown. Probably that was for the good of us all. They really have some flea-bitten hounds over here. Moreno found where the hens have been hiding out and laying eggs toyed. Got thirteen eggs. Most everyone has their own chickens and cows.

Well, kid, would like some candy if you can manage it. Haven’t received any yet. I sure love you and miss you.

So long now


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