Wednesday, May 3, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Well, the drought is over — I finally got some letters today. Don’t ask me why but I got an air-mail dated April 21 and a v-mail from Mom of April 16. The airmail got here five days before the v-mail. Also got another one from Erv. Those wandering Barbers and Bruns got together again. He came to see me night before last so today I got a chance for a return engagement. He’s still doing okay but he worries a lot about Joannie. He thinks she looks bad from her pictures. Don’t tell him I said anything but is there anything you can do to relieve the situation. He arrived the day after the packages from you and Mom so I unloaded a few candy bars on him. I had the whole afternoon to spend with him and by golly if he didn’t put me to work. Told him if I’d known that I’d stayed at home. We had a lot of fun tho. He says Joe and Bud Nelson got together. Guess I haven’t got that news yet. Neither one of them will have to worry tho. This Captain you speak about, I didn’t know him but I saw him while it was going on. Don’t worry about the baby Brownie. If you can’t get film I’m sure I can’t. The pictures would be censored and you’d get them just like Chick’s. I wish you’d keep tabs on that foot of yours. Maybe the last guy didn’t know his stuff. Sho wish I could get in on that Battinburg deal. Any chance? Gotta break off here so. I sure love you and miss you. Be good.

So long.


Kodak Baby Brownie Advertisement from 1939. Source: Mike Eckman.

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