Monday, May 1, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got five letters yesterday and today two packages. I’m really fixed on candy for awhile. Three of the letters were from you and one from Dad and one from Sis. One box was from you and one from Mom. Sho’ do thank you. Those peanuts came through in fine shape and are really swell. I’m eating some right now. Also got the April issue of the Digest so I can even read. We had our beer today. It was a nice try but it sure wasn’t beer. We all managed about a canteen cup full but I couldn’t drink all of mine. We had to pay for it too. I still don’t understand it as I thought it was supposed to be free. Sounds like you had a pretty hectic time in Chicago. Is that all you bought in the stores? I’m proud of you. How’s come you didn’t go out to Es and Harry’s to stay? Couldn’t they put you up? I got a letter from Es the other day. She told me about Harry’s new part time job. I expect he had a fine time tearing apart that typewriter. I can think of a lot of things to do besides that. You guys must be having some funny weather if it’s snowing in the middle of April. I guess this war has everything screwed up tho. Everything is all okay so far here. Haven’t seen Chick anymore. If he came around I’d slip him a candy bar. Ran out of airmail stamps but I think I can get some. Sure thank you for the candy and peanuts, kid. Miss you like everything. Hope this doesn’t last too much longer over here. Guess this is the bitter end so, I sure love you.

So long now.


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