Sunday, May 7, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Not much doing this afternoon so I’ll try and turn in the daily report. Since I wrote last night, I’ve acquired a few air mail envelopes from Moreno so I can rip a few of these off now. Read over your air mails of yesterday again. Maybe I can answer a few of your questions. I don’t know where Chick got the idea that I was at the headquarters in the “rear” as he calls it. He knows differently now. As far as calling over a phone, that’s out. I don’t have the nickels! Bell Telephone is very lax in putting out phones here too.

The kittens are getting pretty big now. At the present moment they’re hollering bloody murder because their mom went awol again. They are pretty well weaned but they still like to have her around. Don’t we all?

The motorcycle is being repaired again. A little matter of a busted piston and a few odds and ends. It’s true I never did like them but it comes in awfully handy here. Saves a lot of weary steps.

My bed consists of a door I took off its hinges, with some boards nailed on for legs, and a mattress cover filled with straw. On this I put my sleeping bag and it’s not bad at all. Chick still has hit cot. Wish I could manage one of those. It was really rugged at first tho. Didn’t have my clothes off for a month. But now I can at least take my clothes off to go to bed soon as my tour of duty is done. We are sure having some beautiful nights now. The moon comes out and lights things up bright as day. But you never get to forget there is a war going on.

Douglass is in our platoon now. He always asks about you. Wish he’d go back to barbering. The way Garcia cuts my hair it’s a wonder I don’t get pneumonia.

Hope that painting don’t get you down. Do you mean to tell me that dresser is still holding up? I thought that fell apart long ago. Maybe another coat of paint will hold it together till I can get home and make another one.

I’m working on the last bar of candy now. Guess I’ll have to start sweating out getting another box. The peanuts were sure good. If you have any more spare candy and peanuts I’d sure like to have some.

I’m running out of conversation so guess I’ll have to quit. Maybe I’ll get a letter from you today. Hope so. Sure love you and miss you. Be good.

So long now.


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