Thursday, May 11, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Sure have been collecting the mail the last few days but haven’t been answering any. Got your two long air mails of the 17th and 25th, a letter from Claude, two from Sis (one a v-mail), and v-mails from Dad, Mae, Mildred, Carrie and Florence. I also got a nice can of candy bars from [Aunt] Carrie. Be sure and thank her for me, will you? I got three packages of comics from you too, thanks, and last but not least the swell box of leads Mildred sent. They came through in fine shape. They wouldn’t fit Chick’s pencil he gave me but it will the one she sent and the one Thompson’s Lumberyard gave me for Christmas. The candy bars disappear as fast as I get them. I’m broke already as far as candy is concerned. They go through me like a dose of salts.

The other night while going down the road in a jeep a bug hit me in the eye. Didn’t think anything of it at the time but the next day it was swollen. I went to the medics and they sent me to a hospital for treatment. They gave me some stuff to put in my eye. Have to go back in the morning again. They practically took my eye out and laid it on the table. It’s sore but I’m afraid I’ll live through it and you won’t get to collect the ten thousand after all.

Suppose you know what today is. Just happened to think about it this morning. What a dreary morning that was for me two years ago. The days slip by so that half the time I don’t know even what day of the week it is.

Me and the boys got quite a kick out of the poetry and the horse race. Now where do you pick up such stuff?

Haven’t seen Chick anymore. Was supposed to play them [in] a ball game but it was postponed.

Sis was saying she wanted to send clothes over here for the dagos. That would have to be worked through the Red Cross. I wouldn’t be able to do it much as I’d like to see some of them get it. One of the girls (13 years old so don’t get excited) that did our washing always wore her hair in pig tails. I told her one day through sign language and what little dago talk I know, that she look much better without the tails and her haircut. She didn’t want to at first, it’s like prying them out of a rut. Finally she came strutting around with her hair all washed and cut and a flower in her hair. She really did look nice. When we all told her how nice it looked she really beamed. Some of them are too stubborn to want to change their ways much tho. I got another long letter card from Mom the other day too that I forgot to mention. It was one of those four leaf clover jobs. I have about three of them now. Sure ought to have a lot of luck, hadn’t I?

Glad you had such a good time in Chicago. Would like to have joined you but you know how it is.

You can quit worrying about the motorcycle as it developed a broken piston and several other illnesses and is not in running order any longer.

Sure love you and miss you. Thanks for everything.

So long now.


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