Saturday, May 20, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Well, we’re having a little California sunshine today so it’s a good day for letter writing. If a guy had anything to write about, it would be a good day for it, at least.

Think I told you yesterday about getting a letter from Jack and Hilah. I dashed off a line to them. Also wrote Mildred and Claude.

Have been looking for Chick to visit me most any time now. He said he’d come around if he got a chance. We’re both a little too busy to carry on much visiting.

Has Rita changed her tune or something? He said he got candy from her. Don’t think it fazed him too much. There’s probably too many U.S.O. commandos running around there for her to bother too much. Or am I being too harsh?

Do I have to keep requesting for film like I do candy in order to get it? Suppose so. I’ll start requesting film and then whenever you get it you’ll have the letters. Okay?

You know I forgot to copy down Vic’s address when Mom sent it to me. Hope she still has it. She said he was in New Caledonia. Where is that now? They really believe in making worldwide travelers out of the soldiers, don’t they?

We got our beer last night. We were only suppose to get a canteen cup full but my lieutenant doesn’t drink and he gave me his quart bottle. Mighty nice, I thought. It’s pretty good beer but a little too new. If it had some age on it, it would be lots better. But we shouldn’t complain on that score. We’re lucky to get any at all. From the way Erv talks he doesn’t get near that much. Erv was saying they had their own cognac and vino bar. Guess they fixed it up themselves. I don’t care much for that stuff tho. A lot of the fellows have found champagne that dagoes buried here. Have quite a time for awhile. The dagoes are getting better treatment from us than they ever did from the Germans but a lot of them are too ignorant to appreciate it. Guess they figure we own it to them or something.

Well, honey, guess I’d better quit. If you have any spare candy and film I could sure use it. I’m clear out again. I wish you wouldn’t try to work so hard. Take things a little easier, can’t you? Sure love you and miss you, kid.

So long now.


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