Saturday, June 10, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, I didn’t get any letter from you today but managed three from the others. Got one from Dad, Sis, and Vic Winmer. Got quite a kick out of Vic’s letter, I’ll have to write him now that I have his address.

If you can’t read this writing, blame it on the medics. Got a little infection from an injury in the recent operation and they got my hand bandaged up so I can hardly write. You’d think I lost an arm. Nothing to worry about.

So far I can say that we are now resting after taking part in the drive to Rome. Watta drive it was too. Didn’t resemble the ones we use to take on Sundays in the least. Those heinies really took it on the lam, didn’t they? I had aplenty to last me for awhile. I hope for the duration. The Germans really lost a lot of equipment. Saw some mighty exciting tank battles too — worms eye view.

So they finally put it in the paper about Wally Saathoff. I’ve been writing until you mentioned it before I said anything. Of course, I knew him. We were all doing the same things at the same time only he was in the wrong house. Poor kid, I tried to keep track on him and I thought he was doing alright but evidently shock must’ve taken a hand in it. It was nice of Gen. Frederick to write them a letter. He is one grand officer and there isn’t a man that wouldn’t go through hell for him. We sure sweat him out because he always wants to be in the thick of things.

Got that eight page job from Mildred you were telling me to expect. Smoked four cigarettes, and ate three candy bars while reading it, that’s how long it was. I wish I could write like that but the censor is glad I can’t.
It sure sounds as if you have the house cleaning bug right. Whoever heard of scrubbing a front porch on your hands and knees? Are you trying to get old quick? Relax a little, will yuh? You’ve got a hell of a lot to go through with after I get home and you’re going to have to be in good condition. Start in by rubbing your chin with a couple sheets of double O sandpaper. Don’t worry about these dago women. They don’t worry me any.

Do you really want me to tell Close all those things you bought? He’ll razz the devil out of me.

Sure wish I’d had that camera. It will get here too late for all the good pictures now, I’m afraid.

Guess I’d better stop the chatter. This is my last airmail stamp till I can buy some more envelopes. The rest will be v-mails for awhile. Sure love you, kid and miss you. Be good.

So long.


P.S. Yesterday’s letter was dated May 9 and should have been June 9.

Service Company mugshot of Wally Saathoff mentioned in Snook’s letter.

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