Sunday, June 18, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Well, you should be getting a package within the next year or two as I mailed one this morning. You divide, or rather give, Mom some of the things – and you’ll know what I mean when you get the box. I don’t know what you like for sure so take your pick. The money situations holds a guy down on the buying. For once I think I got my money’s worth tho. The cameos should be worth some dough and I should think the tapestry would too although that is out of my line.

Honey, I finally received the camera and package of candy. Thanks heaps to both you and Eli. I sure have been sweating that out and after I opened the box I still thought it hadn’t arrived. The can it was in was the last thing I opened. Thought the film was getting here ahead of the camera. Don’t know when you will be getting any pictures but I’ll try and make it as soon as possible. Haven’t found out whether we can send negatives or not. If we can then you can make as many prints as you want.

Got your May 26 v-mail today, also your nice airmail of the 20th. Have had three letters from Erv so I wrote him last night. Sometimes I think we might get together and then again I don’t know from the way he writes. Looks like he could tell more than he does. Haven’t heard from Chick yet but have been expecting a letter any day.

While in Rome I went to the show with Doug. We saw Gary Cooper in “Sergeant York.” Really enjoyed it in spite of all the film breaks and difficulties. The talking was all American with the Italian words interposed at the bottom of the picture. Wanted to see Irving Berlin’s “This is the Army” but after standing in line for an hour we found out that you had to have tickets that could only be had from your Special Service Officer so we had to give up. Kinda hated it too.

Haven’t heard from Mom lately, is she all right? Will probably get a letter tomorrow. We got our regulation issue of shots today consisting of umps, oomph, and oh!! My arm is sore now but the mail must go through.

Got quite a bit of candy on hand now. That’s the way I like it. I haven’t noticed anything wrong, as to heat, with the way it came through. Putting it in cans and sealing it is a good idea.

I’ll have to wait to mail this as I bought some airmail envelopes today but they haven’t come yet. I think the air mail is coming through the best now.
Hope you like all the things and that they get through okay. Spent about an hour wrapping it so it should.

Reckon this is all now. Sure love you and miss you. Be good.

So long.


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