Wednesday, June 28, 1944

Dearest Gee.

No letters for two days now. Maybe I’ll get a flock tonight. After those six the other day, with four of them being from you, I guess there should be a slump.

After reading the article on Wally Saathoff that was in the paper, there wasn’t much new I told you about him. I wrote your letter before I got the clipping or I could have shortened the letter considerably.

Still haven’t heard from Chick yet. Wrote him some time ago but he hasn’t answered yet. Would like to have seen him while we were in Rome but the dates were against it.

If you can sell the piano for a good price, go ahead. We made a mistake when we bought it in the first place. Don’t see how you can get that much for it but if you can okay. I wouldn’t let it go for less than $125 tho. We could get that much good out of it.

You sure haven’t any idea how much I miss you, kid. Get the blues sometimes. Will sure me glad when we can get back to fighting amongst ourselves for a change. I may even let you win once in awhile.

I bought some nice postcards but now they won’t let us send them. Ain’t it hell? Has Chick sent anything more home, or said anything about it?

Maybe we should have sold the car but I thought the way things were going, it would be hard for us to get another car right away after the war. If it holds out until we can get straightened around it will help. For the plans I have we’ll need all the dough we can scrape together. Sums like I can never win on this here now salary of mine. Had a pretty fair nest egg laid up for a rainy day and then it rained. While we were in Rome I lost my nest egg and now in hock for forty-five fish. Got twenty-five outstanding from Doug but Lord only knows when his ship will come in. Sure would liked to have strutted around Rome with you. Hope it isn’t too long before this is over. How’s Tom making out. I’ll bet he’s got a line to tell, hey?

Here’s hoping I get some mail tonight. Take care of yourselves and cut out the unnecessary work — or else! I sure love you and miss you.

So long now.


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