Wednesday, July 5, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Really rated on the mail the other day. Got three v-mails from you, a super colossal air mail from Sis, one from Mom, one from Mae, and one from Jack and Hilah. Sis wrote five pages typewritten which ain’t doing bad. Glad to hear you’ve started getting my mail again. It is bad when you don’t get letters for a long time.

Wish I could have sent you something special for our anniversary but just can’t do it. I’ll think of you extra hard on that day. That’ three bunches of red roses I owe you on anniversaries, but maybe I’ll catch up. Sure miss you. The way the news sounds maybe it won’t be too long before this war is over.

I got one roll of film developed but they didn’t turn out so hot. These dagoes can’t develop pictures for hell. I’ll see if I can send them. Two of them weren’t any good dang it. If I don’t enclose them you’ll know I can’t send them.

Still haven’t heard from Chick yet. I’ve been expecting an answer to my letter any time. I’ve been looking for that other box with the films in it but so far no soup. We got our P.X. rations the other day so I got nine bars of candy for thirty cents, I think it was. We don’t get that very often tho.

Hope you can manage a good time on our anniversary. Wish I could be with you for it.

Guess I’d better quit if I’m gonna send film in this or it won’t go airmail. Sis sent me a while gob of stamps too so I won’t have any trouble on that score for awhile. Sure love you and miss you.

So long now.


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