Tuesday, July 18, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Say, this is certainly some very fancy stationary. When you said you were having some made I didn’t know you were going to have the whole thing put on. Saves a lot of time this way. Sho do thank you a lot, kid. The only trouble is, I can’t get airmail stamps to go on the envelopes. I can get airmail envelopes already stamped tho, but they have been giving me a lot trouble lately, sticking themselves shut. I still have some stamps Sis sent me that I’m using. Mom sent me three too. Also got a package from Mom (got Mom on my mind, too) you with two cans of popcorn and a big can of peanuts in it. You did send it didn’t you — or was it Mom? Boy — we tear off the paper from those packages so quick that sometimes I don’t know who really sent what. Now ain’t that a nice thing? If Mom sent it — tell her thanks and the story. You don’t know how much good those packages really do. But packages without letters are no good either. Tonight I got your swell little card and note. Kid, I sure have got a lot of making up for lost time on these anniversaries and birthdays of yours. Lord, come Aug. 10th you’re going to be — a little older, aren’t you. Maybe the package I sent will make it up a little. Now, I guess I’ll have to tell you a little story. It is just one more reason I hate Italians. Douglass and I had our picture taken in Rome at a studio. Four bucks for six pictures. He said since our time was limited for us to write our addresses down and he would send them to us by mail. I looked in his book and saw lots of names of guys who had their pictures taken under the same proposition so I thought it was alright. Well, I’ve never received the pictures. It smells like a pretty nice racket. He was a pretty respectable looking dago and could speak English fairly well, I was going to send them as a surprise but now it’s all off.

I got your July 8 v-mail tonight too. Sorry you’ve got such a cold. The summer ones are hard to get rid of. Now where have you been, huh???

Did I tell you I got a letter from Chick? I think I did. He sent me, besides the jokes, the newspaper pictures of Ray Grierson and his wife and kid. I believe you sent me one to one time. I did go to Rome with Close, kid, but not to the Rest Camp. He’s alright. So is Kellershon, Hoffman, Lee, and Douglass. Douglass is pretty much on the straight and narrow. Lee has been made a T/4 now too, Hoffman is Cpl. and Nelson is a T/5. Poor Kelly he “ain’t got none, don’t want none.” I think it would please him to get it tho. Less is proud of the fact, and I’m glad because he’s sure worked hard. I’m bunking with him at present.

Well, honey, you’re not the only one that hopes we don’t spend another anniversary apart. Even tho I don’t send any tokens, you know how much I love you and always will. We’ll be together again, don’t worry.

This is all I can think of to say right now. Wish you could send me some more film. How much does it cost now? Sure love you and miss you. Be good.

So long.


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