Sunday, July 16, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got a letter from everybody but you, it looks like, today. Got a seven pager from Mildred of the 20th with a picture of Claude and a picture of Jack + Hilah and the two kids. They were both awfully good pictures and the first time I’d seen a picture of the new addition. I also got a letter from Chick, explaining the why and where for of his injury. At the time he wrote it he evidently didn’t know that the government sent you a telegram about it. He told me not to tell you as there wasn’t anything serious that happened to him but I suppose he’s told you about it by now. Those truck drivers drive like they were crazy anyway. He was pretty lucky at that. That’s about all he had to say, it was all on one page. He filled the rest of the letter full of jokes the gal at Kuhns sent him. I also got a v-mail from Coe and two from Erv. He was all excited because I wrote him and told him I might get enough days off to see him but he’ll be disappointed as I am when he finds out I can’t. Maybe he can come see me. Hope so. We’d really need about six weeks to get all our talking out.

Well, I’ll have to cut this short as I want to write Erv a line and try to answer Mildred’s. Haven’t you received the package yet? I’d like some more candy and film if you can send it. Sure love you and miss you.

So long.


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