Thursday, July 20, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Received your “lock of hair” card today and your July 5th airmail. The date on the card was June 13th, that sure has been on the way a long time. You sent it with a three cent stamp but even at that it looks like it should have got here before that.

It doesn’t sound like you had a very exciting fourth either. Guess we were both in the same fix. We’ll celebrate them all some of these das. We should take a hundred or so and really take off some place. Suppose the way prices are now a hundred wouldn’t be a drop in the bucket.

It that’s a sample of your noggin it really must be turning dark. Thought I had a blonde, you sure are changeable. Reckon I’ll take you anyway. Mine is changing color too – seems to be turning white so they tell me. I quit having it cut real short and it’s now fairly long again. I’ll probably get sore at it again and let Doc whack it off again. We had a nice shower bath the other day.

I wrote Erv a letter last night too. Sure was mad because they wouldn’t let me have enough time off to go see him but that’s the way it goes. Like butting your head against a stone wall. Guess Erv had things all lined up for the occasion.

Haven’t got much to write about tonight. The guys have got the jug out and are trying to have a party so there isn’t much writing can be done.

Thanks for the card. It was a cute verse on it. Sure love you and miss you.

So long now.


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