Friday, July 21, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Received your July 10 v-mail today. That’s not bad time for v-mail.

So you romped again on the shoes. I hope you at least bought some you can wear and not have to just sit and look at them. From all these good rumors floating around about Hitler about ready to give up, you’d better start lining up a few for your Uncle Mortimer. Sure like to slip my dogs into a pare of those friendly fires again. I’ve lugged these tug boats around long enough.
I gather from what you say that somebody fell out of a tree but haven’t received the letter telling about it yet.

Haven’t heard any such show in these parts by the name of “Seven Days Leave” but I’m willing to take one.

What the devil is the matter with the cigarettes? I ask everybody else if their folks are hard up for cigarettes and they say no. Doug just got a carton of Phillips from his wife and a half a carton of Chesters. We are getting all the better brands of cigarettes now so I suppose it’s causing a slump.

I find I can buy stamps after all so I put in for a bucks worth tonight. Now if I can just think of something to write about it will be all right.

I sure am slipping just writing one page jobs but that’s how it is. Sure love you tho, and miss you.

So long now.


Seven Days’ Leave, Starring Victor Mature and Lucille Ball, premiered November 13, 1942. Source: IMDB.

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