Monday, July 24, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Well, this is our day, kid. Seven years ago we were sure nervous, ain’t it? Now we have to make up for three anniversaries besides all the other holidays. I bought you a cameo bracelet and I’ll send it air mail if I can. It should get there in time for your birthday. Aren’t you tired of cameos by now? You must have about a hundred and fifty dollars worth. When are you going into business? This bracelet set me back about eight hundred (lire). The bracelet part is no account but the cameos are okay. I’ve long since gave up trying to find any silver or gold mountings of any kind. They just don’t have any.

Didn’t get any letter from you but I got one from Mom. Got a v-mail from you yesterday but we were busy and I couldn’t answer.

I haven’t heard anymore from Erv. Have been kinda looking for him to drop around. It wouldn’t surprise me a whole lot. Lord, I wish he would.
Have the newspapers got the war over yet. I read the news and got all pepped up and then get a radio news and get deflated again. It does sound encouraging. It would sure make me awfully mad if this would end — yeh!

So Eli got his run changed again. I’ll be he was burned up. It is a shame in a way after he gets all settled and then has to change around again. Remember the trip to Clinton to the carnival? Will we ever forget. That took all the gambling spirit out of me.

What’s this about taking the gas away from Dad. Can’t he get any for using the car in his line of work? If he can’t get enough to run it once in awhile it will go to ruin. If it comes down to that we’d better peddle it but I sure to want to unless we have to. They will be bad to get after this war is over, for awhile anyway. What did you ever do about our lots? Did you sell them? That would help on the nest egg toward the four rooms and kitchen. And do I mean kitchen!

Wish you’d quit mentioning beer — you make me thirsty. I could sure use a case right now.

So Bill still has it made. Oh for the life of the air corp. It really is the best all the way around. They at least can look forward to finishing their quota of missions and then – furlough. That word is even hard to write, let alone get.

What did you do today for excitement? Hope you managed to get in a little fun. I stayed sober. I can’t drink this stuff. Maybe it’s a good thing, huh?

Well, honey, this is about all I can write now. Hope I hear from you tomorrow. Sure love you, and miss you. Be good.

So long now.


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