Thursday, July 27, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Sure got a lot of writing to do now. Got your July 8, 9, 12th, 14th, 15th, and 20th airmails. Also got a long one from Sis dated the 17th. She sent me a bunch of jokes that are really good. You’ve said so much now, I don’t know where to start. I’m glad you sold the piano and got such a good price for it. Reckon I got a good business woman for a wife. Mighty glad to hear of all that mazuma going into the bank. If that car keeps on getting things wrong with it you might as well sell it too. Especially if they can’t get any gas for it. It will just ruin if it isn’t run once in awhile. How are the prices of used cars now? Any good. Sure would like a car tho when this shindig is over.

I’m looking forward to seeing Chick again soon. We’ve been pretty fortunate so far in getting to spend as much time together as we have. The reason Chick likes Moreno is because he talked to him more than he has the others. He is a Spanish fellow in my section. I think I have his picture there in the band pictures, haven’t I. He was the big bass drummer. The rest of your questions I can’t answer. Don’t see how Chick does it. I had three rolls of film developed and a dago stuck me five bucks! Sure wish there was some way you could slip me fifty but I don’t know of any way. I keep finding too many things to buy and not enough to buy it with. Christmas is coming on too. Wish I could send home the same thing Chick did only double. I hope Tom has the right idea. I’ve heard all kinds of rumors on what they do but never did know the truth of the matter.

I’m sure glad you’re keeping up the scrapbooks. It would be a good idea to watch the newspapers for clippings. I don’t know how Chick reached the conclusion he came to but you and him might be right.

I expect by this time your jaunt to Chicago to see “Oklahoma” is over. I should be getting the returns in a couple weeks. Hope you have a good time and don’t have to go out to Es’ and sleep on the floor. I’ve see the time when a good floor would have satisfied me tho.

How in the devil to you get sciatica? That’s nothing to fool with. You start taking care of yourself and let me in on the results. You have to be in good condition, you know. You know I don’t mind you using the fifty anytime, also the thirty five. If you don’t cut out that scrubbing and polishing when I do get home I’ll give you something to have sciatica about.

I haven’t heard anything from Chick. Don’t understand why. I know he has as much time as I do. I didn’t know about Erv’s nerves but I think he’s just sweating it out like the rest of us. If I stayed in one place as long as he has I’d be nuts too.

It was nice of Erv to send the telegram even if it did scare you. Thought a couple times maybe you’d be getting one of those one star jobs or maybe even the two. I hope not although you reach the point sometimes when you just don’t care which way it goes. They can’t put all that in the movies.

Glad you got the pictures okay. That was my home you were looking at. There were a few more insects in there with me but I managed to chase out enough at night to get sleep. The one of the four of us I believe is Kelly, me, Nelson and Douglass, isn’t it? Surely you haven’t forgotten Kellershon? I can’t quite make it out by the negative and don’t remember now. I have the negatives but will have to send them to the censor before I can send them home. On the three rolls I just had developed three pictures were no good. Don’t know what happened but they turned out blank. So far that’s five pictures lost. Not so good. Can’t you have pictures made from those?

So Francy had the car all fixed up. Is he trying to make a ’49 model out of it. He isn’t stepping out on Joannie is he? I’ll bet Joannie counted his hair for him. Also tell him to quit pulling ladders out from under people.

My Lord, Harry isn’t thinking of changing jobs again, is he? What next? It’s swell they got to come down. I’ll bet L. Harry and Billy romped at the fair. Don’t suppose I’ll know them. How’s Linda?

Yep, it’s too bad they didn’t do a better job on Hitler. I don’t look for it to last much longer anyhow. Hope not anyway. That will be a grand day.

Surely how have that package by now. I wish I could send as much stuff as Chick but you know how it is. We all have different censor laws, I guess. I know ours are sure strict.

I didn’t know Mom hurt her arm till Sis told me. I’m writing her tonight. Guess this takes care of everything.

So long now. I sure love you and miss you.


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